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Here you will find advice and resources to help you through the current Covid-19 crisis. These resources include exercise videos, information and links to external resources which we think are valid and helpful.

This page will be updated and added to.


Art of Breathing Introduction

Faulty breathing can be part of back pain, neck pain and aches and pains in general. Stress can also cause faulty breathing. This video, from Osteopath Marianne Damgaard Jensen, is an introduction to a series of videos explaining how to breath correctly.

View the following sessions on the Art of Breathing videos from Marianne on Vimeo.

There is an accompanying PDF with visuals to help understand the concept of correct breathing, which can be downloaded by clicking this link: Art of Breathing visuals.


Yoga Breathing with Lesley Muir

Yoga teacher Lesley Muir has teamed up with Osteopath Marianne Damgaard Jensen to give Art of Breathing workshops at the Faringdon Clinic. Lesley has kindly agreed to make this podcast available to clinic patients. This 9 minute audio offers advice on using breathing to relax the mind.


Free Practical Breathing Exercises for Covid-19, Patrick McKeown

Breathing exercises from Patrick McKeown to help during Covid-19. These exercised help to reduce the risk of inhaling airbourne viruses.


Natural Running Advice from Carlton Rowlands

Four videos showing stretching and technical advise for natural running from Carlton Rowlands – osteopath and athlete with Team Vibram. Including activation, sensitivity, impact, cadence and how to fly.

View all Carlton's videos on natural running here: vimeo.com/faringdonclinic.

Running and Fitness

Mike Trees is a triathlon and running coach. He's posted a video on Instagram on how to stay fit indoors:


Exercise Videos

Introduction to ‘Let’s Keep Moving with Kirsty during COVID-19’

Physiotherapist Kirsty Harris is compiling a series of exercise videos aimed at older adults. These videos are 15 minute sessions and are to help people stay active and healthy during the time spent at home caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kirty's introductory video is embedded here:

You can find all Kirsty’s videos on YouTube.com here:


Podiatrist Helen Brookling Explains the Correct Way to File Heels

How to care for your heels during Covid-19 when you're unable to get to a podiatrist. Here Podiatrist Helen Brookling from The Faringdon Clinic explains how to file your heels correctly.

View all videos from The Faringdon Clinic here: vimeo.com/faringdonclinic.


Coronavirus Special: How To Manage Anxiety In The Face Of A Global Pandemic with Dr Judson Brewer

Many people are feeling anxious about Coronavirus. This conversation helps people deal with the anxiety that they are currently experiencing. Understand how to keep your cool in these stressful times.



How Breathing Through Your Nose Will Change Your Life with Patrick McKeown

How do you breathe? Patrick McKeown believes breathing correctly can benificially affect your health.



Is There Anything Better Than Movement For Transforming The Way That You Feel: Best of 2019 by Dr Rangan Chatterjee

We all know that moving our body each day is crucial for our health and our wellbeing – it gives us more energy, better creativity, improves our sleep quality and so much more.


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Growing Pains?

Boys and girls from the age of 5 -16 often complain of growing pains, usually in their legs. This is often due to growth spurts which can see a lot of growth occur over a short time. Bone tends to grow quicker than soft tissues (muscles, ligaments etc) and most of the growth in height occurs in the tibia and femur (leg and thigh bones).