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Health & wellbeing through the menopause years and beyond

This workshop is led by Emma Overson, Chartered Physiotherapist and 3rd Age Woman Instructor.

It is relevant for all women who are going through the menopause, are post-menopausal or are approaching perimenopause.

The workshop takes a comprehensive look at hormones and hormone balance; what to expect through the menopause years and associated symptoms; bone, heart, and brain health; sleep management; the effects of stress on hormones; the importance of exercise and the benefits of different types of exercise; pelvic health; diet, nutrition and digestive health, and how the environment can affect hormone balance.

Please contact the clinic for further information or to request to have your name added to the waiting list for the next workshop.

Feedback from previous workshops:

“Well worth attending for every woman.”

“Thank you for a well presented, researched and informative afternoon. Lots of food for thought and tips for application.”

“Very well presented and well researched. A lot of very useful information to take forward and integrate into our lives.”