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Natural Running Clinic - Carlton Rowlands

The Faringdon Clinic are excited to announce the relaunch of Natural Running clinics by Carlton Rowlands, Osteopath and elite trail runner with Team Vibram.

The 3 hour workshop taking place in the clinic on the 22nd June at 14:00 aims to explore the human evolutionary biology and the anatomy that makes us so effective on two feet. Carlton will apply a clinical angle throughout the course aimed at those wishing to overcome injury, or learn how to use their bodies more efficiently.

The workshop will be divided into a theory and outdoor practical coached component with light refreshments provided. Participants should bring running clothing and shoes, a water bottle and materials for note-taking.

The event is open to all abilities and focus is not at all on fitness. The cost is £65 per person.

• Explore the anatomy and biomechanics of the runner.

• Are we born to run? A look at our evolutionary biology and the latest research.

• Understand running injuries with Osteopathic clinical experience of treating elite and amateur athletes.

• Practical outdoor Osteopathic coaching with form and efficiency drills.

• Tips, tricks and tales from within the Ultra Trail World Tour.

Please contact the Faringdon clinic reception for reservations.