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Tracy Hopes

Podiatrist (Biomechanics):

Tracy Hopes studied Podiatry at the University of Brighton and graduated in 1998. Since then she has worked in private practice and for the Ministry of Defence and undertaken postgraduate studies in clinical podiatric biomechanics.

As a result of a running injury sustained when she was a teenager, Tracy was inspired to become a Podiatrist. Consequently, she has always had a strong focus on biomechanics, foot function, gait and treating musculoskeletal injury (muscle and/or joint pain).

Tracy has a lot of experience working in multi-disciplinary clinics in Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. Over time she has built strong links with her physiotherapist and osteopathic colleagues which help her to provide a holistic approach to managing musculoskeletal injury and in 2003 she helped set up The Faringdon Clinic.

Musculoskeletal podiatrists assess foot function and alignment of the lower limb to help understand and therefore be able to treat the origin of the pain or injury. Examples of this maybe anything from shin splints to plantar fasciitis, from bunions to patella maltracking in the knee. Musculoskeletal pain is extremely common and the way that we walk or run plays a huge role in the development of chronic pain and recurrent injuries.

A biomechanical assessment will show whether foot function is likely to be contributing to the symptoms. If so, orthotic shoe inserts maybe required to aid the foot to assume a better position and therefore limit undue stress and load on muscles and joints. Orthotics maybe required temporarily or for use long-term. Temporary orthotics can be custom made there and then during the appointment. If there is a long-term need/requirement, carbon fibre orthotics are manufactured using a plaster cast impression mould of the feet.

The cost of orthotics range from £20-160. In addition to orthotics, some simple stretching or strengthening exercises may be recommended to help achieve symptom relief and a better overall outcome.

Tracy treats in the Clinic on a Tuesday and Thursday

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