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Sports Massage


Sports Massage therapy incorporates intensive massage and exercise prescription.

The promotion of healing helps to restore normal function and fitness and prepares you for your return to sport.

It also minimises the risk of future injury and boosts performance by maintaining healthy muscle/connective tissue and improving joint range of movement.

Massage treatments are usually deep tissue work depending on the client’s specific needs using essential oils blended for that particular problem or holistic requirement. Most clients experience a deep feeling of relaxation, flexibility and energy.

Treatments have very good responses with combined treatments of drainage and massage for sufferers of ME resulting in energy boosts and less infections.

Appointment Charges

Treatment £45 1hr

Hot Stone Massage

Using warm basalt stones hot stone massage is a warm, relaxing, healing treatment.

Hot stone massage can help to:

  • increase local circulation
  • improve blood flow to surrounding tissues
  • gives greater ability to transport toxins and waste products from the area.
  • promotes quicker healing of injuries when used in conjunction with cold stone therapy
Available on Monday and Thursday evenings and Saturday morning.

Sports & Remedial

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